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What Shears To Buy For Dry Cutting?

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It is common for men to get their hair cut dry, which means no shampooing and conditioning. On the other hand, women are different. Many women enjoy getting a shampoo, conditioning treatment or a head massage before getting a haircut. The cut is usually done on wet hair.

You can get your hair cut on dry hair. Dry cutting allows your hair stylist to see the shape of your hair while making the cut. However, hair shears can make all the difference when it comes to styling. Read on to find out what type of shears you need for dry cutting.

Not Razor Sharp

This technique is done better with a pair of scissors that is hard and not as razor sharp. When hair scissors are razor sharp, they can catch on to the cuticle or skin of your hair. This usually occurs right after shears have been sharpened. A sign of this is when you see white fluff after a dry cutting technique. The white fluff is scraped off cuticle. This can result in split ends and can give your hair a rough look.

Quality Steel

Steel quality is very important in the durability of your shears. It determines how long your shears last and the precision of your cut. Good choices include steel, cobalt, Damascus shears or Japanese steel.

Should Feel Good In Your Hands

You should choose hair scissors that are comfortable and gives you control. It helps to go to the store and get a feel for the different types of scissors. You need to know what feels good in your hand. Hair scissors with offset handles are a good choice. They provide ergonomic support and designed for comfort. The scissors allow you to cut without moving your wrist, which decreases your chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Get Shear Support

It helps to buy from a company that provides ongoing shear support. You can benefit from having access to sharpening services. As you use your shears, you are going to need your blades sharpened and realigned. If you buy from a reputable company, then you can send your scissors to the company to get sharpened. It is important the company is reputable to make sure you get the same shears back that you sent to the company.

You should consider these things when choosing shears for a dry cut. Many stylists enjoy dry cutting because it allows you to create softer shapes with ease and texturizes the hair.